Web Development

At Pennine Data we believe that the design and development of web sites are two completely separate processes. In general terms, we see web design as "what you see", compared to the development which is "what makes it work".

Whilst expert Web Page Design is crucial to the success of your site, the development process ensures that you make the most effective use of the web.

Pennine Data Web Development Services include the use of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), Active Server Pages (ASP and Asp.NET), database integration (Access and MS SQL) and E-commerce solutions.

We specialise in developing web sites that are accessible to all web users, and we can offer consultancy and advice on ensuring your website is as accessible as possible.

Pennine Data Web Design Services are priced at our standard rate of £45 per hour. We generally work to a fixed budget and specification. Prices will depend on the complexity of the site design, however an example £1000 development specification might be as follows:

  • Use basic site provided with one of our Managed Site Packages
  • Include any additional content pages provided from our Web Design Service
  • Develop database driven sections of a site to hold and display categorised products or services

Please feel free to contact us to discuss the subject further.